Amazon Appstore for AndroidDownload apps from this premier appstore
Angry Birds RioAddictive and action-packed game, ideal for kids and adults alike
BrowserSurf the web from any Wi-Fi hotspot
CalculatorBasic math functions
CalendarSchedule events and organize appointments
ClockAllows you to set alarms for easy reminders
ContactsStore contact info for email
EmailSupports most web-based email accounts
Facebook MobileLog-in to Facebook
GalleryView photos/videos
InkpadJot down grocery lists, reminders, and notes
Kindle For AndroidThe largest selection of the most popular books
MusicListen to audio files
NapsterPurchase songs and download them direct
SettingsDevice preferences
Speech RecorderUse the built-in microphone to record audio
TwitterAccess and manage twitter
YoutubeThe best of Youtube from any Wi-Fi hotspot