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Cruz is the premier brand of Android based tablets from the foremost builder of finely crafted desktops in North America, Velocity Micro. Designed with you in mind, all Cruz products are built with the same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that have made Velocity Micro famous amongst PC enthusiasts for years. Since our first review in 2003, no other PC builder has been able to match Velocity Micro in value, performance, and quality. Those are the ideals we that were founded on. That is the legacy we bring to the Cruz.

Sleek, affordable, easy to use, and engineered to attract attention, Cruz devices can now be found at many of the leading consumer electronics retailers in North America. Click here to find a store near you to test drive a Cruz today!

-The Cruz Team
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Velocity Micro has won over 60 Editors’ Choice Awards from the most respected sources.
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