Retail Partners of Cruz by Velocity Micro

Where can you buy your sleek, and affordable Cruz device?

Where can you find Cruz?
Becoming a Cruz Reseller
Are you interested in becoming an official reseller of Cruz products? For questions regarding the qualification guidelines and application process, email our Sales Department
Registering Your Cruz
Proof of purchase is needed prior to registering your Cruz device. For details, visit the Cruz Support Hub
You can find official Cruz products at all of the following major retailers. Pricing and available models may vary. Velocity Micro cannot honor the return policies and extended warranties that other retailers offer.

T410, T408, PS47, T301, T105, T103, R102, R101
T410, T408, PS47
T410, T408
T410, T408, PS47
T410, T408
T408, PS47
T410, T408, PS47
T410, T408, PS47, T301, T104, T103, R102, R101
T410, T408, T301
T410, PS47, T301
About Android
Learn all about the powerful Android operating platform by visiting their official site.
Cruz products not purchased direct are subject to the retailer's terms/conditions
Buy Direct
You can also buy the latest and greatest Cruz products direct from Velocity Micro