Reviews | Cruz by Velocity Micro

See what the experts are saying!

See what the experts are saying!
The critics have already begun to praise the T408 and T410 for their performance, features, and value. Here's what they have to say...
“Beyond simple cost, the biggest pro about the Cruzes (both of them) is the way they look: These are sophisticated, highly refined tablets that look great and feel sturdy. They’re considerably thinner than most tablets — the T410 is almost half the thickness of the IdeaPad K1, and 20 percent lighter to boot — and their svelte design makes using them a breeze.”
“The $239 Velocity Cruz T408 tablet’s affordable price will be very attractive to students and frugal tablet shoppers of all ages. And unlike with the Kindle Fire, you can use this slate to make video calls.”
“Velocity Micro does make solid electronic toys, and as they mention, offer up great customer support.”
“...with so much attention on the sub-$300 tablet space right now, the Cruz T410 and T408 are going to be tough to ignore.”
“On the whole, the T408 has the solid feel of a more premium tablet…”
“...if you have a folder of ROMs, XDA-dev set as your homepage, or flame every MG Siegler post, you should take a serious look at the T408.”
“The tablet trend is here to stay, so we're glad this market is starting to open up. If you're looking for something that's available now, the Cruz by Velocity Micro is a good middle of the road tablet.”
“Velocity Micro’s latest budget devices get good battery life, offer decent performance, and most importantly are actually fun to use.”