How do I update the firmware on my Cruz Tablet T400 series?

 How to Apply the Firmware Update

Updating your Cruz's firmware is easy. Please read all instructions before beginning. The entire process after downloading takes less than 10 minutes. A basic overview of the process is as follows:

• Tether your device to your PC
• Download the update file
• Activate the update sequence

This firmware update will not wipe your device an force you to set up the device again and reinstall your favorite apps. It simply updates the existing installation with the latest available software.

STEP 1: Tether your device to your PC.

A.) Turn on your Cruz and connect the mini USB cable to the Cruz device and to your PC.

Slide the notification panel down and tap the alert that reads, "USB Connected - Select to copy files to/from your computer", then press the button “Turn On USB Storage” (the Android robot on your screen should turn from green to orange.) This will make the device storage accessible under Windows.

Your internal microSD card will appear within Windows as a Removable Disk with a new drive letter assigned. Your internal flash storage will appear with your device's model name and a new drive letter assigned. The examples to the right shows the Autoplay view of the Cruz T410 internal flash storage and the external microSD card.

You can save the update file to either location, it does not matter which.

HINT: Click Open Folders to view files. Once you have completed the next step, this will allow you to confirm your download is now on your device.

STEP 2: Download the update file

B.) Download the ZIP file referenced to the right that matches your device. It is easiest just to right-click and "Save Target As" and select the appropriate drive letter ...


File: zip T408 Firmware (*NEWEST*) - 106 MB, release date September 26, 2011.


File: zip T410 Firmware (*NEWEST*) - 107 MB, release date October 31, 2011.

C.) Save it to the microSD card or the the internal flash. (For the purposes of illustration in this support article, we will choose to use the microSD card.)

The microSD card in our example is drive F:, so we would then click Removable Disk (F:) on the left under Computer in order to save it on the microSD card.

NOTE: Do not extract the contents of the ZIP file, leave it as a ZIP archive.

D.) Once the download is complete and the file is saved on the device storage, you must disconnect the USB cable and power off your device.


STEP 3: Activate the update sequence

A.) With the device powered off, press and hold the volume up button (keep holding), then press and hold the power button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons. The Cruz logo will appear, you may then release the buttons. You should then see the Android robot with a triangle and exclamation point over his head.

B.) The moment you see the Android robot, you will need to access the System Recovery menu by pressing and holding the Power button, then tap the volume up button once, releasing both. This is in the opposite order of the sequence in Step 3-A.

NOTE: The volume up button on the T408 is toward the power button, while the volume up button on the T410 is away from the power button.

C.) In the System Recovery menu, use the volume toggle to navigate up and down through the menu and hightlight your selection. Use the power button to activate your selection.

Select the option that corresponds to the storage location to which you saved the update file:

Apply update from internal mass_storage
Apply update from external sdcard         (<--- this is the option we would choose for this example)

Navigate to the download location of the update file and select it to begin the update process. When done, select "Reboot system now" from the menu. The first boot after a firmware update may take longer than normal.

When the update has completed, your screen will return to the System Recovery Menu. Highlight "Reboot system now" from the menu and then tap you power button to select. This reboot usually takes about 3 minutes.