About Cruz

Designed with you in mind, all Cruz™ products are built with an attention to detail and expert craftsmanship with value, performance, and quality. Those are the ideals we that were founded on. That is the legacy we bring to the Cruz™. Sleek, affordable, easy to use, and engineered to attract attention, Cruz™ devices can now be found at many of the leading consumer electronics retailers in North America.

Quality and Affordability

Cruz™ Tablets boast the latest technology at an unbelievable value, making them perfect for mainstream and enthusiast consumers alike.

User Friendly Interface

Cruz™ Tablets are built using the Android OS, an easy to use, powerful, and reliable operating system from the team at Google. Designed for touchscreen devices like Cruz™, Android helps you easily manage your programs with a vastly intuitive interface.


Unlike many similar products, Cruz™ tablets offer an incredibly liberated user experience that doesn't cramp your personality. With expandable SD/SDHC memory, a user-replaceable battery, and the highly customizable Android platform, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Pack dozens of books, movies and music for a week-long getaway without weighing down your suitcase. Stay connected with email and social networks even while on the road. Download remarkable content, astonishing applications, and amazing games... All with one device.

Cruz Market

Each Cruz™ device has access to the ever-expanding Cruz Market, an online hub where you'll find the very best Android applications. Add power and versatility to your Cruz™ by taking advantage of this valuable tool.

In-House Support

All Cruz™ devices are covered by non-tiered, in-house support, 100% based in the USA. A call placed to our expert sales or support teams will never be routed anywhere offshore. Not ever.