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How do I factory reset my Cruz?

Sometimes your device software may become buggy with use, especially with installing faulty outdated apps, or apps that may have features that are unsupported due to hardware limitations of the device.

To restore your unit to "out of box" software condition, follow the steps below. As the warnings will indicate, data will be lost.

From the Home screen > Menu > System > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset Device > Erase everything

The device will shut down and perform the software reset to factory settings, including erasing the internal flash storage. Upon restart, the device will require you to again go through the Cruz Setup Wizard to configure your Wi-Fi and Email, just as you did just after purchase.

Note: This process does not delete the microSD card contents, but does delete the internal flash storage.

Note: This article does not apply to the R100 series.

For the T400 series, a factory reset is performed from the System Recovery menu. Follow the steps A-C listed below to reset your T400 series tablet.

A.) With the device powered off, press and hold the volume up button (keep holding), then press and hold the power button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons. The Cruz logo will appear, you may then release the buttons. Then the Android robot and software package icons will appear on the screen.

B.) The moment you see the Android robot, you will need to access the System Recovery menu by pressing and holding the Power button, then tap the volume up button once, releasing both. This is in the opposite order of the sequence in Step A.
NOTE: The volume up button on the T408 is toward the power button, while the volume up button on the T410 is away from the power button.

In the System Recovery menu, use the volume toggle to navigate up and down through the menu and hightlight your selection. Use the power button to activate your selection.  Select the option that corresponds to clearing cache and data. Once completed, select the option to reboot your device.