How do I unlock my T408 or T410 if I forgot the password or lock pattern?

If you have forgotten your lock pattern or password on your T408 or T410, you will need to follow the below steps. However, this process will wipe all user data (anything you have added to or downloaded on the tablet; resetting your device back to factory settings.

With the device powered off, press and hold the volume up button (keep holding), then press and hold the power button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons. The Cruz logo will appear, you then release both buttons. You should then see the Android robot with a triangle and exclamation point over his head.

When you see the Android robot, you will need to access the System Recovery menu by pressing and holding the Power button, then tap the volume up button once, then release both buttons.

NOTE: The volume up button on the T408 is toward the power button, while the volume up button on the T410 is away from the power button.

In the System Recovery menu, use the volume down button to highlight “Wipe date and cache”. Then tap the power button to select. Then next screen will ask you No or Yes, use the volume down to select “Yes” and then tap power to select.

Once the tablet has finished wiping the data and cache, it will return to the System Recovery menu. Highlight "Reboot system now" from the menu and then tap power to select. This reboot usually takes about 3 minutes.