USB Keyboard Shortcuts for Android 4.0.

The T510 has USB host properties, allowing one to connect basic USB devices to add basic functionality.
Below are a list of known Keyboard shortcuts for the Operating System.

While on the Home Screen:

• Alt + Tab- Allows you to choose between open applications.
• Crtl +Alt + Del- Restarts the device.
• Esc*- (While in an application) Takes you back to the Home Screen.
• Scroll Wheel (On a Mouse)- Allows you to switch home screen pages.
• Crtl + W- Brings up the Menu to choose Wallpapers.
• Crtl + P- Opens your Settings.
• Crtl + M- Takes you to Manage Applications
• Shift Key + Tab- Tab between applications on the screen.
• Enter Key- To choose the application.
• Left Click (and Hold)- Allows you to drag the application on the screen.
• Context Menu Key- Opens your Menu.
• Typing on the Screen- Directs it to the search bar.
• Windows Key + E- Opens your Email.
• Windows Key + P- Opens your Music.
• Windows Key + A- Opens your Calculator.
• Windows Key + L- Opens your Calendar.
• Windows Key + C- Opens your Contacts.
• Windows Key + B- Opens your Browser.
• Crtl + Escape- Opens your Menu.

While in the Stock Browser:

• Crtl + W**- Closes Tabs. 
• Crtl + R- Refresh the page.
• Crtl + T- Opens a new tab.
• Crtl + P- Opens the Browser Settings.
• Crtl + A- Select All.
• Crtl + S- Share Via.
• Crtl + D- Allows you to save the webpage you are currently on as a bookmark.
• Crtl + F- Find.
• Crtl + G- Page Information.
• Crtl + H- History.
• Crtl + J- Downloads.
• Crtl + L- Selects the address bar.
• Crtl + C***- Copies text.
• Crtl + V***- Pastes copied text.
• Crtl + B- Takes you to the Bookmarks.
• Crtl + N- New Tab.
• Crtl + Tab- Switches between tabs (Forwards only).
• Crtl + Shift + Tab- Switches between tabs (Backwards only).
• Context Menu Key- Pull up the browser options.

    * - While you are in the browser only.
  ** - Will close the browser if only one tab is open.
*** - Advanced users only.