Why does my T301 browser crash after a few minutes of use?

Some users of the Cruz T301 may experience abnormal behavior with their web browser. This usually manifests as normal browser function and after a period of time, the browser window may spontaneously close. The reason for this is how the memory is being managed in the operating system.

We have provided a utility (see link below) to address this issue that tweaks memory usage in the operating system. Users that apply this tweak experience far fewer such crashes while using their web browser app. This utility is only indicated for the issue described above and is not designed to address any other issue. The utility also allows users to revert their changes.

The process of applying the tweak does require ADB driver support to be installed first, so this process is only recommended for advanced users. If you have trouble using the tweak tool, or if the tweak tool does not resolve the above issue, please contact Cruz Support for assistance.