How do I update the firmware on my T510 tablet?

Software updates for the T510 tablet are accomplished via over the air (OTA) updates. A Wi-Fi connection is required for this process. Follow the steps below to begin:

• From the Home screen
• Tap the App icon in the top right corner to go to Apps
• Tap Settings to open the tablet settings
• Scroll to the bottom and tap About tablet
• Tap Update device

If an update is available, installation will begin. Otherwise, the update should advise you that your tablet is up to date.

If you receive a notification instead stating there was "an error connecting to the server", either the server is busy and currently unavailable, or network traffic is causing a connection time-out, or your Wi-Fi connection may not be currently active.


NOTE: There currently is no OTA update for the T510. This notification will be removed from this article when OTA updates become available. If you attempt the update process, it will report that there is an error connecting to the server. This is normal. When an OTA update is available, the consistent error notification will end and the update process will proceed normally.