How do I install Android Apps?

The Android Market is not currently available on the Cruz devices. There are a number of other markets available that provide apps for purchase and also for free.

The installation file for Android has a file extension of .APK. The steps below explain how to install these on your Cruz.


Download your app directly to your Cruz Reader (if so, skip to Step 3) or to your PC for transfer via SD card.
Files are often distributed in archive format (ie: .ZIP, .RAR). If so, their contents first must be extracted so that the .APK file is all that remains.
Note: If the file you download looks like “appname.apk” you can continue to Step 2.


Unmount the SD card prior to removal. Once unmounted, eject the SD card that accompanied your Cruz device, insert it into the SD slot on your PC, and copy the appname.apk file to it.


Open the Application Manager (Settings > Applications) and make sure the Unknown Sources option is checked so that you may install 3rd party apps.


Open ASTRO File Manager app (How to use ASTRO) and navigate to your /sdcard/download folder for downloaded apps (or /sdcard1 folder to locate your app on the SD card). Tap to install using Application Manager.

If your application fails to install, this may be due to an incompatibility with your Cruz. Applications that are coded to use hardware features not included in your Cruz (GPS, camera, 3G) may not install or function properly.