How can I save battery life?

You may learn about your power consumption in Settings > About Device > Battery > Battery or use an app designed to to analyze usage patterns.

Use Static or Still Wallpapers rather than Dynamic or Live Wallpapers.

Understand that streaming audio or video apps will use a lot of battery life

Disable Wireless Network Positioning

You can turn it off from Settings > Location > Use wireless networks.

Switch off Wi-Fi

If you’re not close to a strong Wi-Fi signal for extended periods of time, disable Wi-Fi from a homescreen widget or from Settings > Wireless networks > Wi-Fi.

Use a Quick Screen Timeout

You can alter this option from Settings > Screen & display > Screen timeout.

Turn Down the Screen Brightness

Reduce brightness to a comfortable level usign a widget or at Settings > Sound & display > Brightness.

Use web Widgets Wisely

Widgets that access the Web consume more power than widgets that do not.

Reduce Automatic Updates

Adjust settings within your apps that use an auto-update feature to do so rarely or only manually.

You may consider a power management app that will regulate the settings discussed above.