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How do I customize my home screens?

The Android platform is composed of multiple home-screen panels. Depending on the version of Android that your Cruz uses, you may have from three to seven Home Screen panels.

When you power up your Cruz for the first time, you'll see the main Home Screen panel. This panel is typically centered; you can access additional panels on either side of the main one by swiping your finger left or right. (Starting with the 2.1 version of Android, you can also see thumbnail-size icons of all of your panels at the bottom of the screen; to jump directly to a panel without swiping, simply tap the associated icon.)

What goes on the home screens is up to you. You can fill the space with any combination of shortcuts, widgets, and folders you like. Most users tend to use the Search widget on each home-screen panel. This allows users to customize their home-screen panels for various purposes, like a screen for work with a stock ticker widget, and another for play featuring shortcuts to their favorite apps. Alternatively, a separate home-screen panel may be customized for each user.