How can I uninstall an app that came on my Cruz Reader?

We have developed a utility designed to uninstall certain preinstalled apps on the Cruz Reader, allowing for more ROM space for the installation of other apps. This utility cannot be used without the ADB drivers first being installed.

A.) First, follow these instructions to install ADB: How do I install the ADB Driver?

B.) Next, review the list of apps below and decide which you plan to uninstall.

  • eBuddy
  • Twidroyd
  • Office Suite
  • Napster
  • Dr.eye
  • CruzSync
  • Facebook Mobile

For each app you plan to uninstall, navigate to: Settings > Applications > Application Management > Clear Cache. (You may need to select Menu and change views to see more apps.)

C.) Then download the EXE Cruz Reader Uninstaller Utility and make your selections to uninstall. The utility removes the apps from your Cruz Reader and places a backup copy of the app on your Windows Desktop. If you do not see an app backup on your desktop, there is a problem in ADB communication with the device and drivers or cables will need to be reinstalled or reconnected.