I am having trouble with Wi-Fi, it just won't connect

There are two scenarios that a small number of users may experience with their home Wi-Fi router:

You may have several Wi-Fi devices in your home that connect to your Wi-Fi router, but your Cruz tablet does not.

Your Cruz tablet may be able to connect to your Wi-Fi router but you cannot seem to browse the web or use any other Web-enabled app.

In both cases above, the tablet can connect to other Wi-Fi routers and hotspots, but not one particular router. (If your tablet does not connect to ANY Wi-Fi router, contact support for assistance.) The cause for these issues is that not every manufacturer properly implements the 802.11x standards, and because there are a number of different generations of 802.11 products on the market, not all of which have bug-free firmware operation. 

If you are experiencing either of the above scenarios, then your Wi-Fi router configuration may need to be changed to allow your Cruz tablet to properly connect. If you are not familiar with Wi-Fi router administration, you should refer to the router's manual. You may also want to contact your Wi-Fi router provider or manufacturer for assistance. Below are examples of configuration changes that may need to be made:

• Depending on the age of your Wi-Fi router, you may need to update it's firmware.

• Disable channel autoscan if available. (Set the channel to channel 11)

• Change the Wireless Mode. (ie; change from "Up to 300Mbps" (or may appear as 5GHz (a/n) default) to "Up to 145Mbps" (or 2.4GHz b/g/n default)

• Change the security/encryption type (ei; if currently using WPA, try WPA2 or WEP)

• Depending on the age of your Wi-Fi router, you may as a last resort consider upgrading to a newer model

When exiting the router settings, don't forget to save your configuration setting changes, and exit your router's administration page. Some routers require a reboot or power-cycle to apply changes.

There is a third scenario that affects many mobile OS users, including Apple's iOS, Blackberry's RIM, and Google's Android:

Users that once were able to consistently connect to a Wi-Fi router may suddenly consistently fail to connect.

The cause for this is a corrupted connection file. Following the steps below will often correct the issue.

• Turn off network security (disable encryption) in your router to make it "open".

• Connect your Cruz to your router, open your Browser or other Internet app to make sure you have Internet access.

• Long press this Wi-Fi connection in your Cruz and select Forget to delete it.

• Turn off your Cruz tablet.

• Re-establish your previous security settings in your WiFi router.

• Turn on your Cruz tablet and connect to your network again.

Your Date & Time settings may be wrong.

Another possible reason your wifi might not be connecting may be due to incorrect date & time settings.

• Time adjustment is found under Settings > Date & Time.