How does the Kobo Books App work?

The Kobo eBook application, is a syncing eBook reader. It only works in the United States. Once an eLibrary account is created, you can add books to your bookshelf, even download over a hundred free eBooks through the app (look for the word Free at the top of the shopping panel in the app).

The app requires a Wi-Fi connection initially to download books. Before you open the app, you may need to confirm that your Wi-Fi connection is active. Beyond just making sure the Wi-Fi connection symbol is present in the Status Bar, you may want to open your browser to confirm that your home page loads. You also want to make sure your time and date are set correctly.

Once connected, tap the Kobo app icon and you will be alerted to the fact that your library is empty. You will need to either sign in with your existing login info, or create a new account. You may create a new account through the app or online at If you have forgotten your username or password, the website is helpful in getting those back. To do this, go to > click on Sign In in the navigation bar > on the right-click on Forgot your password?.

Once downloaded to your Kobo library in your Cruz Reader, your eBooks are readable offline, without the need for Wi-Fi.

Kobo eBook app does allow for side-loading of 3rd party eBooks, or of Borders ePub (electronic publishing) files. Tap Menu, then Import Content at the bottom. Kobo ePub files are DRM protected with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), preventing users from distributing downloaded copies, thereby enforcing copyrights. Such ePub files must be opened with ADE on a desktop computer and are then sharable with certain ADE authenticated devices or apps capable of handling the DRM encryption.

To remove a book from the Library, tap and hold on the cover until options pop up, and select Remove Item. We will make future releases available through our support site or through the Cruz Market.

Read more about the KoboBooks app for Android at