Why does my Cruz Reader not keep time?

There is a bug we have found in the status bar clock at the top right of your Reader screen.


When setting your time zone to anything other than EST, and setting the time, the clock in the top right corner is correct for a while, but then reverts back to EST time zone after restarting the Reader.


NOTE: Time adjustment is found under SETTINGS > DATE & TIME.


A clock widget usually displays the time correctly, even if the status bar clock displays incorrectly.


A second work-around is to unckeck the Auto feature, set the Time Zone to EST, set the time to the proper local time, and leave the Auto feature unchecked. This may interfere with authenticating logins to some secure websites, but for the most part will be unnoticable.


NOTE: If you are attempting to authenticate your Cruz Reader with the ADE server through 'txtr, or to log in to Kobo, the process may fail if you are affected by this bug and do not live on the east coast. As a work-around for this issue, you will need to set your date and time to Eastern Time Zone and restart the unit before trying to authenticate again. Once authenticated, you may return your Reader to its previous time settings.