My Kobo eBook App appears to be broken. How do I fix this?

Kobo eBook application requires Wi-Fi for full functionality. First confirm you are connected to Wi-Fi by opening your browser and seeing whether your home page loads.

The Kobo eBook application requires the time and date to be set correctly. To confirm or adjust the date and time, got to Settings > Date & Time. Make sure the Date, Time Zone, and Time are correct. If you need to adjust, tap on Automatic to make sure the green check is removed, then set the needed fields.

If your Kobo eBook application seems to consistently crash each time you open it, or it consistently alerts you with an Uh-Oh! message, then the app needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

To do this, slide the app panel up and tap on Settings > then Applications > Manage Applications > tap on Kobo > then Uninstall. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation.

When complete, return to your Home screen, tap on Cruz Market > Apps > Books & Reference > tap Kobo eBooks Reader and then Download Now. When the download completes, tap the download and follow the prompts to install. When complete you will need to login again, and tell the app to remember your password. The app should then sync your eLibrary content locally with the Kobo's server.

Finally, you may want to add the shortcut for the Kobo app back to your Home screen.