How do I view my Adobe DRM Protected eBooks?

NOTE: Velocity Micro cannot provide technical support for reading DRM protected eBooks on the Cruz Reader, or for any other 3rd party application or service. This article details the instructions on how to configure your Cruz Reader to read Adobe ADEPT protected content. This is the full extent of the support we provide for this topic.

It has been tested and confirmed that 'txtr does handle Adobe ADEPT permanent licensed content well. The process is somewhat complex to setup and load books, but once configured, it operates rather seamlessly. Please read all instructions before beginning in order to be sure you are prepared.

First and foremost, you must install the 'txtr app on your Cruz Reader. This app is available for download from the Cruz Market and the Android Marketplace.

Once 'txtr is installed, go to and click on Sign up for a free account. You must also sign up for a free Adobe ADE account:

NOTE: Before continuing, confirm your date and time is set properly on your Cruz Reader. If not, ADE authentication of the device will fail. (You may need to set the timezone and time to EST temporarily for this process due to a coding bug: see this article for more information.)

Open the 'txtr app on your Cruz Reader and enter your login information for both and Adobe Digital Editions to authenticate your Reader.

You then are required to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) eBook software on your PC. You can get ADE here:

Once downloaded, the install process will ask you for your ADE account login information to authorize your computer. Remember, your ADE login provides up to 6 device activations, allowing you to share your DRM protected ePub files on up to 6 different computers and upt to 6 different devices. (You can get help with ADE here:

To add ePubs that are Adobe ADEPT protected, regardless of what site you downloaded them from (including Borders, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and others), click on LIBRARY > Add item to Library, and then browse to your ePub file. If you download ePubs from the Borders eLibrary (these will appear as ACSM files), they will be opened in ADE directly.

NOTE: If you have never connected your Cruz to your computer with the included mini-USB cable, the process known as tethering, you may want to do this prior to starting on this process. Tethering your Cruz allows your computer to access the Cruz's SD storage as a USB mass storage device on your computer so that you can add, move, delete files on it from your computer.

Next, tether your Cruz Reader to your computer while ADE is up and running. ADE will likely detect the device and improperly identify it. ADE will open a wizard to authenticate your device. In doing so, ADE will copy the associated DRM support files to the Cruz Readers internal SD card. Do not remove these files located at /sdcard/.adobe-digital-editions/ and at /sdcard/Digital Editions/.

NOTE: At this point, the device should appear as a library bookshelf in ADE. ADE allows for dragging and dropping books to your device's bookshelf, but Android devices are currently unsupported for this feature of ADE. In order to get the ePub files to your device, you must follow the instructions in step #7.

Now you need to upload your ePubs from ADE to Log in at and upload your Adobe DRM protected eBooks to your Inbox. They are located on your PC at the following path: C:\Users\YourUserAccount\Documents\My Digital Editions\ (YourUserAccount refers to your account name when signing on to the PC).

Detach the USB cable from your Cruz Reader and open the 'txtr app. Select the Archive tab, select Inbox, and download your eBook. Finally, you are done. Just start reading.

In the future, all you will have to do to add books to your library is upload your ePub files to your 'txtr account.