How do I provide Proof of Purchase?

A Proof of Purchase is not required in order to receive technical support.

A Proof of Purchase is required for RMA replacement service. No RMA service will be possible without an acceptable Proof of Purchase for the product requiring service. If you have recently registered a product purchase, it is advisable to submit your acceptable Proof of Purchase right away to prevent loss of documentation. Be advised that customers are required to keep product purchase documentation by our warranty for this purpose.

If you purchased your Cruz from an online retailer, a complete invoice, packing slip, or online order confirmation email is sufficient. If you purchased from a local store, a copy of the register receipt is sufficient. If the receipt has been lost or you no longer have your receipt, or in the event the item was a gift, you or the gift giver may need to ask the retail reseller to generate a duplicate copy or gift receipt for your records. Retailers routinely provide this service to their customers for just such a purpose.

To be an approved Proof of Purchase, the document must be generated by the reseller and include the reseller's name, the line item detail of the Cruz product, and the date of purchase, or other similar official documentation as approved by Velocity Micro.

To submit your Proof of Purchase, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Under 'My Products', next to the product you would like to submit a Proof of Purchase for, click the 'Submit a Ticket' icon
  • Under the option 'Submission Type' select 'Proof of Purchase', then use the "Attach a file" feature to upload your proof file.