What do I do if I cannot open a certain book in the Kobo App?

You may on rare occassion see an error when attempting to open a book in your eLibrary like the one below.

“! Sorry, We encountered a problem with this book that we are working to fix. Please try again later."

We believe this is caused by a corrupted eBook that failed to properly download, but the app appears to be unaware of this. To resolve the issue, we advise the steps below:

1.) Use ASTRO to navigate to the home folder by tapping the Home icon on the toolbar
2.) Tap and hold the kobo folder found
3.) Tap Edit > then Delete > and confirm the deletion (this deletes your Kobo eLibrary from the device)
4.) Open the Kobo app and sign in if needed (first also connect to W-Fi if needed)
5.) Switch to the eLibrary panel and your eBooks will begin to download again (this may take some time)