How do I get 100 free eBooks from Borders/Kobo?

The Cruz Reader (R101/2/3) and the Cruz Tablet (T103/4/5) advertise 100 free books are available with these devices. These eBooks were available in partnership with The Borders app for Android has now been replaced by Kobo and is no longer supported. If you haven't switched over yet, you need to transfer your Borders library to Kobo. Follow the instructions below to get your free books.

You can go to and download and install the Borders eBook application for Desktops/Mac. Log into the app with your Kobo account information.

Note: If you do not yet have a account, sign up for one first on your PC. This will be the account that your Kobo app will use when purchasing books.

On the Store's Home screen, follow the link at the top and click on FREE eBooks and select your free books.

Now go to your Cruz. Be sure Wi-Fi is active, and sign in to your account through your Kobo app. Your ebooks should immediately begin to download on your Cruz.

You can also access free eBooks directly through the Kobo app. Once you are signed in tap on Discover at the bottom and select the Free eBooks category. Then choose your free books as you wish.