Why is my screen locked and not accepting my touch?

If your Cruz Tablet is at the lock screen and is not accepting touch input at all, the unit may need to be reset to restore proper functionality.

Note: If the touch screen is somewhat responsive but appears to never slide fully to unlock, then this article does not apply to you. Keep sliding the lock, you will get the hang of it.

Using a reset tool like a small straightened paperclip, insert your tool into the reset hole (located to the right of the volume keys) and gently depress the internal reset button, but keep it depressed. You will know you have done this properly as the screen will go black. After holding for 30 seconds, release and allow the unit to load fully.

If the above method does not resolve the issue, the next method, while it does take some time, generally resolves it. Leave the tablet powered on and in standby mode and allow the power to drain fully. You will know it has drained when the screen refuses any longer to return from standby and remain black. Then fully charge the battery for 3 hours before turning it back on.

We hope to have this issue addressed in a future firmware update.