How do I view library books on my Cruz?

Many Public Libraries use a popular software to manage their eContent lending called OverDrive Media Console. OverDrive has software for many mobile platforms, including Android. Other popular Library eLending platforms like NetLibrary and Mobi-pocket do not yet have an Android app.

NOTE: It is important to understand OverDrive Media Console uses Adobe ADEPT which allows for temporary licensing of digital files, meaning you may check out a file from the Public Library but access to it automatically expires after a number of days. Read more about DRM and hor it affects your Cruz here. You can use Adobe ADE software to view these digitally DRM encrypted books on a desktop PC, but you cannot use Adobe ADE software on your Cruz. Unless your Public Library uses Overdrive Media Console, you cannot read your Public Library loaned eBooks on your Cruz Reader at this time.

These are the steps to using OverDrive on your Cruz:

1: See if your library supports OverDrive: SEARCH LIBRARIES

2: If you do not already have one, you must also sign up for a free Adobe ADE account: SIGN UP HERE

3: Install the OverDrive Media Console app for Android on your Cruz. See instructions below.

4: Once installed, open the app, press Menu > then tap App settings > enter your Adobe ID and Password from the second step above > then tap Authorize.

How do I get started with OverDrive Media Console:

1.) Install APK OverDrive Media Console on your device.
2.) Browse for titles at an OverDrive-powered library or retail website.
3.) Check out.
4.) Select the title's 'Download' link.
5.) OverDrive Media Console opens and downloads the title.
6.) Select Menu > Play to play the title.

What formats can I use with OverDrive Media Console?
Different versions of OverDrive Media Console support different formats.
OverDrive Media Console for Android & iPhone/iPad support

  • EPUB eBooks
  • MP3 Audiobooks

OverDrive Media Console for Windows & Windows Mobile support

  • MP3 Audiobooks
  • WMA Audiobooks
  • WMA Music
  • WMV Video

OverDrive Media Console for Mac & BlackBerry support

  • MP3 Audiobooks