My touch screen is broken. What can I do?

Unfortunately, the device will need to be replaced. If the screen was discovered to be broken upon the first time removing it from the box, you must immediately contact your reseller for an exchange within their prescribed return/exchange policy period.

A broken touch screen, whether the cause is accidental, negligence, or unknown, is not a warranty-covered issue as it does not arise from manufacturer defect. Some resellers offer a protection plan at the time of purchase. If you purchased such a plan, you should immediately contact the reseller for instructions for filing a damage claim. Inform them that Velocity Micro will not cover the damage.

If you do not have a reseller protection plan, or if you have let your reseller's prescribed return/exchange period pass you by, then your options are more costly. At this time, Velocity Micro does not repair Cruz units having a non-warranty issue. With the cost for older SKU units dropping, it is our opinion that it would be more economical to purchase a new replacement unit than to attempt to have it repaired. If you still are considering contacting a electronics repair center near you, we advise you to request a liberal estimate so that you may make an informed decision.