How do I delete my browser history?

There are two easy ways to do this from within the Browser app.

The first method is to go to History view by tapping on the Bookmark icon at the top right of the browser screen (in the T510, tap on the Site Tab first, then the Bookmark icon), then on the History tab. Once there, tap the Menu icon and then tap Clear History at the bottom (in the T510, tap the X icon and then tap OK to delete history).

The second method is also from within the Browser but from the Settings menu. Get there by tapping the Menu icon, then More at the bottom (skip this in the T510), then Settings. Scroll down until you find the option to Clear History (in the T510, on the left side tap the Privacy & Security section), tap it, then tap OK to clear it.

Hint: When using Android, if you are looking for an option that you would normally expect to find, tap the Menu icon, or long-press an item. You may be surprised to find exactly what you are looking for.