What do I do if I think I need warranty service (RMA)?

1.) Register and submit a support ticket if you have not yet done so. This step is mandatory.

2.) Be sure you have provided your Proof of Purchase. Without this, no warranty service will be provided.
This requirement is a mandatory part of the RMA approval process and will not be waived.

3.) Work with a support technician to perform troublshooting as needed via the ticketing system or telephone to determine whether an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) is required. This step is mandatory. Some issues are easily remedied without the need for RMA. Below are examples of issues in which an RMA is not warranted:

  • Broken Touch Screen
  • SD Card inverted/jammed
  • Crashing caused by 3rd party apps

* In order to receive warranty service, the above procedures must be followed completely. Managment will not deviate from warranty policies for any reason.
* Accessories are not covered under warranty apart from the parent unit. If an accessory is suspected of having a manufacturer's defect, the accessory and the parent unit are both to be returned together for evaluation by our repair team to determine the exact nature of the problem prior to providing warranty service. RMA's for individual components or accessories are not issued.
* Units, components, or accessories shipped to our facility without receiving prior authorization will not be returned. Accessories shipped to our facility with an RMA parent unit without explicit instruction to do so will not be returned.
* Cruz Tablet makes no guarantees that data on RMA units will be preserved. Loss should be expected and backups are advised.