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Why does my browser close every time it loads Google?

Affects tablets:

     • T100 series tablets
     • T301 tablets


# When opening the stock browser to the default home page, (and certain other websites), the browser immediately crashes.
# When using Google Search widget, the browser will either immediately crash, or it will load search results that, when selected, immediately crashes the browser.
# When using a 3rd party browser (Dolphin, Skyfire, etc.) to access, that browser also crashes.

Note: This issue is new (as of May 2012).


When accessing, a javascript is downloaded from the Google server that causes a fault in a core web library in the Android implementation on the affected tablets. This in turn closes the browser that is being used. This issue is caused by and a recent change made to the javascript in question.

Essentially, the affected tablets are aging and unable to keep up with changes in web technology. Certain apps will also soon lose functionality or cease to operate properly on these models.


There are a few work-arounds to address this behavior. The first is to not use until they can correct the javascript issue. This requires you to change your default Browser's home page to something other than so that it does not crash on opening. To do this, follow the steps below:

1.) Disable Wi-Fi
2.) Launch the Browser
3.) Select Menu > More > Settings > scroll down a little and tap on Set home page > type in (or any search engine address other than > OK
4.) Scroll down to Set search engine > select Yahoo! or Bing (affects in-browser searches, has no affect the Google search widget)
5.) Enable Wi-Fi
6.) Go back to the Browser and tap Menu > Bookmarks > select a bookmark other than Google

Note: Delete or do not use Google Search Widget as Google cannot be used unless the work-around below is also applied, or until a solution is provided.

Another work-around is to disable JavaScript in the Browser. This may subtly reduce the functionality of some websites. To do this, follow the steps below:

1.) Disable Wi-Fi
2.) Launch the Browser
3.) Select Menu > More > Settings > uncheck Enable JavaScript
4.) Enable Wi-Fi
5.) Go back to the Browser and tap Menu > Refresh to load Google

The above work-around(s) will have to be reapplied because the home page will revert to if any of the following occurs:

1.) Firmware is applied
2.) The unit is reverted to factory settings
3.) Clear cache or Clear data is performed (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Browser)
4.) The Browser defaults are loaded (within the Browser, select Menu > More > Settings > Reset to default)


A full and permanent solution will not be provided as these legacy tablets have reached end of life and are no longer being supported. No further firmware updates will be provided. If these tablets no longer meet your needs, a newer more capable tablet is your best solution.