How do I read my eBooks from my computer on my Cruz Reader?

First, you will need to transfer your files to your Cruz Reader (R101, R102, R103). Secondly, install an app for reading them.

The installed Kobo eBook app is a syncing eReader which connects to the Kobo server to sync your library. If you have individual eBook files, you will need an Android eReader app that will read that particular format of eBook. For instance, you would use an app like FBReaderJ (downloadable from the Cruz Market) to read ePub files.

Note: FBReader is not compatible with the Cruz Tablet T100 Series or T301, so Tablet users should use APK Word Player.

For the example instruction set below, we will use FBRreader.

Follow these steps to read ePub files with FBReader.

If you have non-DRM ePub eBook files you would like to read on the Cruz, install an ePub reader like FBReader from the Cruz Market (Apps > Books & Reference > FBReader) onto your Cruz.

Then transfer your ePub files to your internal micro SD card at the following folder location: /sdcard/Books

(Where can I get free eBooks for the Reader?)

(What if my eBooks are not in ePub format?)

Open FBReader (by default, an ePub file about FBReader is displayed when the app first opens) and then open your Library (Menu > Library). Tap on the author of your choice and then tap the eBook to begin reading.

It is not yet known what other eReader apps will be made available via the Cruz Market, but this resource is growing. The Kindle and Nook apps, as well as FBreader, iReader and others work very well. Read more here.

Any eBooks with DRM that require the original proprietary eReader tool or other licensing enforcement may not be readable on the Cruz Reader without an app that manages the DRM requirements. For instance, there are a few applications that handle Adobe DRM for Adobe Digital Editions, namely Aldiko and 'txtr. Read more here.